Summer School Madrid


June 27 – July 1, 2016
Madrid, SPAIN

The main objective of the METRICS ITN is to provide to some young stage researchers the knowledge and skills required for the analysis of the future Internet. In this summer school in Madrid we focus on providing the students with the transferable skills needed to carry successful research projects. Particularly the event agenda includes courses and activities to improve the students skills in leadership, management and entrepreneurship. This area of knowledge is orthogonal and complementary to the other areas covered in the previous workshops and summer schools of the METRICS project.

The courses are provided by the Universidad del Instituto de Empresa (IE) and the Escuela de Organizacion Industrial (EOI) and they will take place at the University Carlos III of Madrid in Leganes and at the Escuela de Organización Industrial (EOI), located in Madrid.

The IE will offer also a workshop in which participants will learn the tools of coaching and how to apply them in order to facilitate change in individuals and groups. Coaching tools directly improve goal-setting and visioning processes. Furthermore, these tools are especially useful for moving beyond obstacles that block progress to achieving goals. Based on practices, participants will be more effective in leadership roles because they will be able to detect commonalities and conflicts within a system of people and intentionally influence the direction and actions of a group.

One day of the summer school will be devoted to the supervisors meeting and to the students presentations. Each student will have a slot of 30 minutes (with 5 minutes for questions) for presenting his/her work.

The form to register in the summer school is already online:
Supervisor registration form

Student registration form

Please, add your name, affiliation, the title and the abstract of your presentation to the form. You need also to state your preferences for the social event (deadline Wednesday, 18th May).

Here you can check the agenda for the summer school.

Social Event

The social event will take place Tuesday 28th June from 20:30 at the La Cueva de Lola (Dinner + Show Flamenco). How to get the place: La cueva de Lola. The restaurant is 40 minutes away from the University.

The cost of the dinner + the Flamenco show is 30 € per person.

As you can see, we have a very exciting agenda and hope you will enjoy it. We’ll be seeing you soon in Madrid!

Useful Information

Madrid is in Central European summer Time (CEST)

Climate and weather in June
The month of June is characterized by rapidly rising daily high temperatures, with daily highs increasing from 26°C to 31°C over the course of the month, exceeding 36°C or dropping below 20°C only one day in ten. Daily low temperatures range from 12°C to 16°C, falling below 9°C or exceeding 19°C only one day in ten.

Currency in Spain: euro (EUR)

Voltage is 220V, 50 Hz (cycles). The electric plug has two round pins.

Spanish (or Castilian)

Travel to Madrid

To get the University from the airport or the central station (Atocha) please see:
UC3M Campus

You have 3 possibilities to get the city center from the airport:

1) by bus:(Exprés Aeropuerto (Airport Express)), a 24-hour service which has only 3 stops after the airport: O’Donell, Plaza de Cibeles and Atocha (this last stop only during the daytime hours between 6 am and 11.30pm). The buses run every 20 minutes during the day and every 35 at night, and the journey takes approximately 40 minutes. Tickets cost 5 euros and may be bought on board. There are stops at terminals T1, T2 and T4.

2) by metro: Madrid’s Barajas Airport has Metro stations in Terminal T2 and the newer Terminal T4. Trains leave every 5 minutes from 6.00am to 2.00am. Line 8 goes straight to the Nuevos Ministerios Metro station in the centre of Madrid, with a journey time of just 12 minutes.The price of a single journey to or from the airport is currently 5 euros, which includes a supplementary airport charge.

3) Taxi: The cost is 30 euros to all central destinations.

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