PhD Position 9 – Ericsson LMF (Finland)

Host institution
36 months
Start date
January 14 (or later,
subject to negotiation)

Project title: Data analysis and modelling for automatic network management

PhD enrolment: Y

Objectives: This project will focus on data management issues in IoT networks, which are becoming a considerable technical and monetary challenge if not carefully studied. One way of reducing the cost is to replace manual management processes with automated ones capable of distributed management of massive amounts of data.

Tasks and methodology:

  • Acquiring skills in IoT and cognitive networking. Y1
  • Implementation of automated data management model for IoT networks. Y1/Y2
  • Performance evaluation of capabilities of automated data management Y2/Y3.

Results: A mechanism for the IoT networks to make automated data management a component of the system. A performance evaluation of such a mechanism in the context of realistic workloads and requirements.

Dissemination: Publications targeted for related conferences or journals. Possibly standard contributions.

Planned secondment: SamKnows
Samknows is an SME that supplies broadband benchmarking services to governments. Thus joining their engineers will provide the student the sufficient expertise and hand on training measurements.

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