PhD Position 8 – Ericsson LMF (Finland)

Host institution
36 months
Start date
January 14 (or later,
subject to negotiation)

Metrics: Understanding machine-to-machine communication performance

PhD enrolment: Y

Objectives: This project will focus on understanding the evolution of new traffic patterns created by IoT applications and how they will affect the operation of networks. In parallel, the project will seek to gain insights into how different network characteristics will affect IoT applications.

Tasks and methodology:

  • Acquiring skills in IoT application scenarios and their traffic patterns. Y1
  • Specifying metrics for monitoring the data patterns. Y1/Y2
  • Investigating how different network characteristics will affect IoT applications Y2/Y3.

Results: Guidelines on how to provide optimal performance in future network products in IoT scenarios.

Dissemination: Publications targeted for related conferences or journals. Possibly standard contributions.

Planned secondment: RIPE
The ESR will gain the experience from RIPE engineers working with network monitoring and data collection since RIPE is an independent, not-for-profit membership organisation that supports the infrastructure of the Internet through technical coordination in its service region.

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