PhD Position 13 – Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain)

Host institution
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
36 months
Start date
January 14

Project title: Identifying network performance parameters that reflect QoE

Supervisor name: Marcelo Bagnulo/UC3M.Saverio Nicolini/NEC or someone with the same level of experience and/or expertise.

PhD enrolment: Y (UC3M)

Objectives: The goal is to define methodologies for measuring and improving a number of network performance parameters that are closely related to QoE. This is closely related to the application being executed by the user, since depending on the applications some parameters are more critical than others.

Tasks and methodology: to identify and assess different network parameters by modelling their performance over different user applications.

This task will contribute mainly to the design of novel measurements methods as well as the evaluation of the results.

Dissemination: 1 to 2 publications per year to either conferences, magazine or journals

Planned secondment: British Telecom 3 Months, hands on training on measurements. NEC, 3 Months, placement with co-tutor

Contact: Marcelo Bagnulo

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