PhD Position 11 – Université Catholique Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium)

Host institution
Université catholique de Louvain
36 months
Start date
January 14

Project title : Exposing measurement data to the applications.

Supervisor name: Prof. Olivier Bonaventure or someone with the same level of experience and/or expertise.

PhD enrolment: Y

Objectives: Research new techniques to efficiently and accurately summarise the network performance based on measurement data collected by various probes (active and passive). Develop abstractions to expose these metrics to applications.

Tasks and methodology:

  • Detailed analysis of the measurements that are important for several classes of applications based on publicly available datasets (e.g. Samknows, RIPE Atlas, …)
  • Design and evaluation of summarisation techniques and abstractions to expose these measurements to application
  • Design of a prototype and experimentation (e.g. by using an application above Multipath TCP that relies on those measurement summaries to control the usage of the available paths by Multipath TCP)

This task will get started to contribute to the requirements of API necessary to expose measurement data for analysis.
This task will also contribute to the definition of mechanisms to use measurement information by applications. This task will define the applications for advanced network monitoring will be in scope.

Dissemination: 1 to 2 publications per year to either conferences, magazine or journals and possibly IETF contributions; software will be open-source

Risk assessment: This project depends on the availability of both measurement data and the possibility of enhancing existing applications to benefit from this data.

Contact: Prof. Olivier Bonaventure


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