PhD Position 10 – Université Catholique Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium)

Host institution
Université catholique de Louvain
36 months
Start date
January 14

Project title: Understanding and modeling Multipath TCP

Supervisor name: Prof. Olivier Bonaventure or someone with the same level of experience and/or expertise.

PhD enrolment: Y

Objectives: Gather a detailed understanding of the factors that influence the performance of Multipath TCP in the global Internet and also in specific networks. Develop models that allow to predict the performance of Multipath TCP in various network scenarios.

Tasks and methodology:

  • Develop a set of tools to allow Multipath TCP performance to be measured in various environments
  • Develop techniques to analyse and possibly tune the performance of Multipath TCP
  • Propose models for Multipath TCP

Dissemination: 1 to 2 publications per year to either conferences, magazine or journals and possibly IETF contributions; software will be open-source

Planned secondment: Internet Initiative Japan (3 months during the second year) and TID.
The ESR will benefit from cooperation with IIJ and TID and their experience in network monitoring and data acquisition from real networks (fixed=IIJ and mobile=TID)

Contact: Prof. Olivier Bonaventure

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